2024 > Add SUBTITLES using Filmora [Automatic]

Filmora 13 stands out as a top-notch video editing software, especially for beginners. Among its many features, the speech-to-text tool offers a seamless way to add captions to your videos without the hassle of manual transcription.

Let's dive into how you can effortlessly create subtitles using Filmora 13's speech-to-text feature.

Steps to Generate Automatic Captions with Filmora

Steps to Generate Automatic Captions with Filmora

1. Import Your Video and Audio

Start by launching Filmora 13 and importing your video footage and accompanying audio into the timeline. Ensure your media is in place and ready for the subtitle addition process.

2. Access the Speech-to-Text Option

click on speech to text option

Locate the speech-to-text feature within Filmora 13. This option is generally found in the toolbar or through a dedicated menu. Click on it to open the speech-to-text interface.

3. Select Your Language and Generate

Select Your Language and see other options

Once in the speech-to-text interface, choose the language spoken in your video. This step is crucial for accurate transcription.

After selecting your language, hit the 'OK' button and allow some time for Filmora to process the audio and generate subtitles automatically.

Note: Make sure the "Auto-match" option is ticked.

4. Review and Edit the Generated Subtitles

Once the subtitles are generated, they'll appear on the screen. Take a moment to review them carefully.

review and edit subtitles

While Filmora 13's speech-to-text feature is accurate, there might be occasional errors or misinterpretations. Correct any mistakes or inaccuracies by editing the generated subtitles directly within the software.

5. Finalize and Export

After reviewing and refining your subtitles, ensure they are synchronized correctly with the video. Make any necessary adjustments in timing or positioning.

Once satisfied, proceed to export your video with the newly added automatic subtitles.

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That's the simple process of adding automatic subtitles to your videos using Filmora 13's speech-to-text feature. By following these steps, you can save time and effort in creating captions, enhancing the accessibility and engagement of your video content.

We hope this guide helped harness the power of Filmora 13 for your video editing needs. For more insightful tips and tricks on utilizing Filmora's features, don't forget to bookmark our website and stay tuned for further updates and tutorials.

Remember, Filmora 13's intuitive tools make it a fantastic choice for both beginners and experienced video editors, empowering users to create captivating content effortlessly. Try out this feature and elevate your videos with accurate and professional subtitles.

Keep creating amazing content with Filmora 13!