Best Export Settings in Filmora for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok

Have you ever poured hours into editing a video masterpiece, only to see its quality plummet once uploaded to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube? The frustration is real!

Fear not, as we’re here to rescue your video quality and tame those mammoth file sizes with the perfect export settings in Filmora.

The Conundrum of Video Quality vs. Size

The agony of witnessing your high-definition videos lose their sharpness or facing hurdles due to excessive file sizes ends today.

With the right settings, you can export your videos from Filmora in high quality without compromising on size or resolution.

Unveiling the Magic Settings


1. File Format: MP4 is the Way to Go

File Format: MP4

When your editing in Filmora is complete, click on "Export" and choose the MP4 format. This format is universally compatible and maintains quality across various platforms.

2. Bitrate Mode: Opt for CBR

Bitrate Mode: Opt for CBR

Within the Preset settings, select "CBR" (Constant Bitrate) mode. This helps maintain a consistent bitrate throughout the video, crucial for preserving quality.

3. Bitrate Configuration: Fine-Tuning for Quality

   - For Full HD (1080p) videos, set the Bitrate to 25000 kbps.

- If you're editing in 4K resolution, aim for a bitrate ranging between 120000 to 180000 kbps for optimal quality.

Witness the Transformation

Export your video with these settings, and brace yourself for the transformation. Your video will emerge with retained quality, looking as stunning as it did in your editing suite.

Additional Pro Tips for Seamless Quality

1. Start with High-Quality Source Footage

Importing videos in HD or higher resolutions sets the foundation for a top-notch end product. Crisp source footage contributes to maintaining clarity during export.

2. Double-Check Project Settings

Ensure that your Filmora project settings align with your desired output resolution. A project resolution of 1920x1080 or higher is recommended for optimal results.


Gone are the days of sacrificing video quality for manageable file sizes or suffering the dreaded degradation during uploads. Armed with these Filmora export settings and savvy tips, you’re now equipped to dazzle Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube with your high-quality video content.

So, go ahead, let your creativity flow, and watch your creations shine in all their high-definition glory across social media platforms!